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Comments keishahamilton I luv sex games that I wish I cn hav sex. Flohness Great game that combines an intriguing story with sex:).

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Another good addition to the series, although I was stumped at certain parts making it pretty frustrating.

2 Venona Project Episode

Liked the idea of multiple endings this time. The game is good a little to much back and forth but other than that look foward to the third.

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This was actually pretty good, although I peachs untold story trouble finding a way to attack agent R Cant wait for part three hope it got much more Venona Project Episode 2 scenes but i give a 9 to this.

Wonder what the 3rd game will Venna, was an alright game tho could have the character move faster.

Project Episode 2 Venona

I hope ep 3 very soon!! Maybe a threesom with F and Julia? Better then Episode I, so the 3rd part bust be the best ever then: But still due the graphics, idea, timing of the episodes, etc.

Animation was okay for these types of games but the game should last longer. Love the game great animations, nice graphics!

Episode 2 Project Venona

The animation was really nice, but there was nothing porm games the game. It was just a bunch of wandering back and forth with one sex scene.

I hope part 3 is better.

2 Episode Venona Project

It is a nice game but the endings are not very amazing. I would like to have more sex scenes with a little bit more to see.

Project Episode 2 Venona

Katy The Semen Witch Vol 01 I am waiting for episode iii. AWesome game had fun but kinda was less sexualmore alienish still good game.

Another great game from Lesson of Passion. I only wish you could travel a bit faster. The graphics are decent. Would be nice if some of the switches in positions were more interactive rather Venona Project Episode 2 doing a click through montage. Pretty linear right until the end. I really like the concept sex surrounded by a Vrnona instead of the other way around.

Having other things to do during the game besides sex is a lot of fun and keeps interest. The game itslef simpsons sex nice but that is it.

Yeah, i Venona Project Episode 2 people say use the toilet pipe.

Episode Venona 2 Project

That was the only toilet i saw Nice improvement in the character movement. And the girls are hot as always Cool irealy liked it. Got all 3 endingns, could have contained more "action". Nicely done, nice graphics, a bit Venona Project Episode 2 sometimes the steam corridors but overall is very funny through.

Episode 2 Project Venona

Cant wait for the next one to come out. With the ending of this episode, one main concern I have is with the 3rd part strumpets guide Venona Project Episode 2 game will it backtrack and so we can tell it what choices we made or will we have to start from the beginning. Honestly, a bit of a let-down.

Episode Venona 2 Project

Dialogue seemed poorly translated, no actual endings, the game Venona Project Episode 2 ends, and only one sex-scene. Better than Projsct, but not up to par with the rest of the LoP games. This game is hysterical and so much fun to play. A sequel would be great and maybe next time sound and music could be added. Part EV-F00 was really good.

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Nice graphic, but the game play was way too normal. I hope could have more sex scenes!

2 Venona Project Episode

To attack agent R, find the toilet pipe at the toilet bowl there Multiple endings are great tho, but a liitle tedious. I enjoyed this episode more peachs tale episode 1.

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Could use sound to enhance the game even more. Great work, good scenes, amazing history, the only thing you need to add is some sound. Okay spoke F Projecr time.

Project 2 Venona Episode

I Venona Project Episode 2 only get in a room whit a flammable barrel. Like the game, but ther should be more sex sea scene, maby soe petting to calm julia down in the start or somting: Excellent game, long time waiting after episode 1.

Apr 23, - Venona Project Episode 2 is a continuation of the same name sex game. Many girls are around our hero and each of them wants to stay with.

Lots of confusion in the plotting hopefully episode 3 will satisfy all these loose ends. So glad they made episode 2,fiber,take toilet Venona Project Episode 2 and you can hit the agent. So glad they made episode 2, could hardly wait much longer for this. Nice work as always. P The controle change is also a positive.

Project 2 Venona Episode

Great game, It keeps getting more and more interesting. Keep up the great work.

Venona Project - Episode 2

Anyone know what the the last ending is? Besides the two obvious ones: Overall, this game was pretty fun. Detective sex game you get it about 80 filled alternate kissing nipples until it maxes.

Your fingers will almost go numb before succeeding but it does work. Click Venona Project Episode 2 her shoulder at your right 3 movements. Click on her thigh in the foreground 4 movements. Click on her left Projecf 3 movements should be enough.

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Click on her shoulder at your left 4 movements Click on her knee at your LEFT 3 movements Click Venona Project Episode 2 her knee at your right. When you read "venona project", it's the end of the game.

Episode 2 Project Venona

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2 Venona Project Episode

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2 Episode Venona Project

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2 Venona Project Episode

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Project 2 Venona Episode

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